Thomas Osatchoff
Where is Van Gogh

Did you see him go?

He went to Jupiter. He's there protesting the future use of lasers in the military etc.

Beyond class, you see how he is helping us see how nature paints weather.Why?

Because while you have just came back fromtheMilan furniture fair, which is always great,

I have just come over to your new place so we can paint on the couch.

We decorate your place just like that. Take down at least one wrong

wall. We drill.We glue.We hang.We sand. Next,

we let your bird out of its cage.Why? Because

in this new land—what sound does the letter X make?

Then nineteen minutes ago he was Mairi in Berlin. Then everything happened very fast.

Eighteen minutes ago he was a light and at the same time you saw yourself a light in which the

actual light source was a slender rectangle of rainbow

projected on a wall through glass.