Special Feature: Beyond the Wall - A Visual Writing Exhibit
“Global Proportion”

As civilization realizes that it rests on an infinitesimal planet in an infinite universe, ways of gauging distance and breadth in these terms becomes problematic. Modern art attempts to estimate planetary distances in cleverly measuring the distortion in popular views of the things that we think we easily perceive. The exhilarating anonymity of a field. The reliability of a front porch. Nothingness is measured only in things which we give credibility. Nothingness is measured in emotion rather than actual distances. In his collages, Luc Fierens is continually extrapolating as to the longitude from point A to point B, expressed in the vitality and dynamics of various qualities, entities, substances, conceptualities, visibilities. The collage above escapes the falseness of literalism—but creates a sense of palpability. The patch of what appears as Arabic writing takes the viewer quite far. Visual writing constitutes this sort of empirical measuring of wholes that cannot be directly seen—a roadmap to the stars.