Special Feature: Beyond the Wall - A Visual Writing Exhibit
“Organic Form (Urform)”

According to Noam Chomsky, Samuel Coleridge invented the idea of “organic form,” a concept, as I understand it, that relates to something like a natural flow or, perhaps, in physics, “Brownian motion.” “Urform” is a term attributed to Goethe, probably in relation to his studies of plant growth and the idea of “natural selection”—the order of an unpredictable statistical progression. This relates to visual writing because words in sincere exchanges follow a natural flow—an organic form. On the other hand, words in an impasse or an exchange marred from greed or corruption—any activity marred from corruption—this is a distortion that visual writing sometimes also portrays in a negative way—an obstruction and stagnation. As an important component of the movement of society, language is often censored or silenced, causing ecologies (and economies) to become blocked and impaired.