Avoiding And Courting

Whose far, whose wheel

Grinds, stereophonic:


Marrow, and sensed

Marais for that day’s deal,

Thy daily Virgo.


Wired, wary, weary.

My wild bones.

My wilderness of bones.

My mistiming, my and mine.

Plum circuits: electric circumference.

Bones glow like the stones core fruit.

Radiant pit, plus demos done gone tricked.


I am not very this

But am that:

If I were you

I might be


If I were

Your littlest pony

We would

Have porn for goodly hours.

I halt my tongue.


We’re from

Mastication, kind that

Could drive guy


I practice language art.

Parties ply their trade.

Goblin, goblin, goblin with gauge.

Please don’t

Arrest me

For my declarative


I can be cutie.

I can sauciest rib.