Ran vascular:

Like here

Unearths there

Whose every

Curbs generous feeling—

Had me at


I mean gobbed, pealing

Unto firmamental glow

And shakes itself out like flies.


I leafed by

Tore thigh

Into gloam

We breathed

Frank parlance for

Get thee through door.


Came my love

With roses, turnips:

World enough

Perhaps not enough thyme.

You kiss my quad:

I flex and god

Shares us like rice.


You just did

And some

Times staples slip

Or else an ought do sleep

Through drawl, whose mirror

Made tide all moon, its light all neap.


Air sends

Ways to whittle us window,

Or if and

Why so

Along uneven pane

And why so squared

Like raiment in topknot’s ring.

Ounce me wire

Who spared an else, came

Crash or stall

Did who past solve

With velvets,

Dipped artsy chokes

And yes I

Wore mismatched brogues.


Me plops

Ladybug, shady bug

I gauchely shadow;

And I’m not for

Everyone, nor

Are you sufficient fun

So let’s go find some

Girls who get kicks from spiders.


Hardtack and


Constitute tableaux.



Getting close to

An octopus I do

To the me to the square rued

Where crushed mango reflects

Avenida Petrarca whose carbide sheen

Whose made

Me up, refractory

With some almonds for nestling.