Align: Parachute flares outnumber hijacked sonnets only to be thrown further down. Massive gaps suspended from opaque hooks set everything in motion. Dressed as sandpaper alibis, nonsensical absurdities squirm to win. Trite holds switch to the opposite fringe. Timekeepers map the already gone. She wouldn’t stay, not even for a minute. Of course. Of course. Of course.

Detach: Marked descents crown segueing rotations. Seasonal stakeouts swallow long double looped mechanicalized debris. Trampled arenas intercept blades of hollow swoops. Closings upsurge. Access shrinks. Piles. Mounds. Retreat. Fishing lines are not finish lines. Facts don’t change foolery. Voided items are tacked onto vacant posts. Sideways. In front of. Clocks rewind.

Redundant: Surplus mirages. Brief inserts. Fruitful pitch dark rambles swap memos crushed by paved corners. Outlawed okays monitor disguises begun at birth. Perpendicular dreamings, look towards. Pass from. Noteworthy hazards unsealed for later use. Conditions compress. Strolling dilating. Whereabouts exist.

Scarcity: Dicey clusters bear no resemblance. Lookouts perch upon detectible interference. Closed forms. Arches swell from min to max. Seated. Bunched. Spotted. Feverish cores knock over self contained strongholds hung from spigots & draining pegs whisked across wind tunnels. Reflections burn what can not grow.