Arpine Konyalian Grenier
from Fauna Gelish, Willed Capital
Unraveling Commits

To pass by in nascent stupor is all I ask for

Saturn verbs as the ground imposes

I may have been my relative

the plasticity of synapse

what turn-on that is

a promise so therefore

full coil magnetic alignment and cavities

dogs barking at the caravan for theme

while the fields weave resistance

time and space render

watch how words are colonized by the show and tell

unlike history Euphrates hides neither

holds nothing but ideas

thinging the music

useless rib duties you ran away with

so when attacked you were still

attached weren’t you

now come on

color clamped you insisted slovenly

we were walking the wash then

there must be a god you said

focus on beam

such a turn that was

such washed words eternally mirror

I had nothing to say

no things but in ideas is the music

show is tell is show so

let there be god

mystery will endure light

it has been hard not to care about you

hard to redraw the maps for Saturn

come and go penciled in

or borrowed

giddy with charge

the Sun’s dark matter releases blood

energy and inspiration follow

they signal for mother

wash labor here and there

elsewhere plastic as ever

begging Euphrates

how effective is self-determinism against imperialism then

memory aligned to this one species that we are

fetches punishingly distanced pauses

who traced who danced the mood

the word here and now

in question

and always colored

up down reflected calibers principled for comfort

what is granted what is fated

overdriven analysand

second in line

we mettle

selectively defective

vagaries of labor and logos

against encroachment

we call heritage.

Arpine Konyalian Grenier
from Fauna Gelish, Willed Capital
Kevin and the Lion

Over time shadow descended on the neutrino

instrumentalized limbs baring cost

cultivated alienated habitat

cloak for throat and climb

how do I go now

through you

a small town in the desert is burning capital

silk paper gunpowder denuded

by the stars the stars

fear and anger fed and bled roaring

hanger-bangered for him or her

whispering dreams

nailed appropriately

remapping the fields the diabolic to sacred pitch

relocating resourceful rudders I study

Kevin Richardson and the lion

a world of transactions past learning

colored language and yes dutifully

divisive and racist medium

that we are

he will be here at 6PM

I’ll tell him about cirk and girk as in book and passion

hajar to hijra as in stone to migration patterns

puckish pressures and immersion

hawa for wind or love

no need for tools to frame the implicated beauty

we nomad quark to Aristotle kynic or

unplanned soul matter

first-person plural

unintentionally indispensable

we observe breath

communication is electrical in nature we say

parity violations foreign to charm

seek power quarks

familiar to utterance

natural habitats are sanctuary

the junction of paradigms

subject to object


racialized frames and media discourse

charity and kindness rimmed

post-colonial formulations

80% of natural habitats depleted

they infer intolerance and threat by extension

provide what otherwise unavailable

leaks human interest

disrupts identity

splitting mass like particles leaving the Sun

repressing the frequency of oscillations

headers for tender reasons

building mass instead

reflexive fields


rewording grammar language metaphor

bark for all things snagged

moss and inflections

production friendly flavor

a waiver is thus performance ticker

blindly discreet burn arbitrarily

modality identity transitivity

so is language.