Daniel Y. Harris
from The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series)
ASCII code 43 = +

Agon Hack is no more beorhtlic

than lîfbçag—his teflon throat,

high evectics. Strut + þrut = the wild

informant—mysteria secretiora, et sub

cortice legis. The clip snags at the ferrule.

Later, the burr seg adds a bonus.

[Dis-quatere]—centum/satem test,

intact, re: re-, toxic as pap

boils in his skull. His prolix flex

secretes a notochord.

Flicker + (a) Homo sapiens sapiens mtDNA,

16,569 bp; (b) Homo sapiens sapiens

chromosome 11,

beta-globin region, 73,308 bp;

(c) Polypterus endlicherii

(fish) mtDNA, 16,632 bp = cathex

wizz. Agon’s ck QUANT is just as much antibac

gel as hyperpneic awe is the metaphysician’s

timor natalis. Now, the impromptu

lucha libre match with gorcs. Behind black

lace veil, uglifyjs ascii-table.js -o mc_rdm1,

mc_rdm2 = solve_impurity_mol(mb, A,

part, mu, rdm_level=43). Agon tightens

his couture corset—bedeutungswandel.

Caesuras are not caesareans.

Plus, in faux Galilee, endzeit’s no

nous lack, separate Albigensians

from the Cathars.


is at work at S. Latitude 47° 9’,

W. Longitude 126°43’.

The hoax is the idol, merges

with gestural clots on the sly. TROLOLOL.

One whit randier when req :=


Daniel Y. Harris
from The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series)
ASCII code 44 = ,

Agon Hack’s hinc incipit algorismus, haec

algorismus ars praesens dicitur in qua talibus

indorum fruimur bis quinque figuris

9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1—unthrives

his rendure. Not in the least pyrrhic,

confer spat the satiro’s

x_train, y_train,

x_val, y_val = talos.utils.val_split

(x, y, .2)—unservile. Interest

accrues in his quench trust.

Veni Redemptor in Amor Carnalis

or ENDSTIFTUNG, these amygistics tink over

the hedge against dēmotikós.

Agon outlasts serial commas.

The ephemerides recounts his body.

Gyroscope_bias_random_walk: 1.0e-44 #


if not performed

in a sprechstimme—solemn

as basso-profundo. In this case,

acedia, tristitia recreate his pallor mortis.

Z0 = βSZ + ζR – αSZ—Figure 44. The SIZR model

flowchart: the basic model

with latent infection. Kómma’s ∂Z ∂x

(0, t)=0= ∂Z ∂x (L, t) (zero-flux boundary

conditions). Penitente flagelado’s white

corpuscles store the Black Death,

yet vegetation on site includes Russian

thistle, Indian ricegrass, snakeweed, chamisa,

ephedra, yucca, barrel cactus

and cholla. Forge.j44 = “HgSn

____ SnHg UrFe ____ PbAg ____ AuAu

____ AgPb ____ FeUr”—dark

coronal’s augoeides

works a prelate.

Daniel Y. Harris
from The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series)
ASCII code 45 = -

Agon Hack attends the Jejune Colloquy’s

phylopic.download_pics(‘Homo sapiens’, ‘Pan

troglodytes’, ‘Mus musculus’). Never

hyphenate the intradiegetic narrator’s

diegesis. Q !AH.yye1fxo ID: N/A >

> 45 (No Title /greatawakening/)

01.19.18 GMT+1: 04:05:12. Uniflat

outliers in punch override, desiderate

the moral copula.

Agon descends the stairhead, fects the palinodia.

Cairns form the bottom tithemi,

bolt coevals’ opts.on(“—irb”, “Start

an irb process with gollum loaded

for the current wiki.”) White

on white translucent black capes,

Bela Lugosi’s dead betray

their cuckquean. Authority gloats.

Trespassers are defiant and listed as cm below

surface (cmbs) or as cm below datum

(cmbd). Subdatum A or D is used

at 1,565.3 m (5,135.5 feet) amsl.

Inwit’s agenbite is an aperiodic solid.

If it is otherwise unavailable, HTML authors

must use the numeric forms

‒ or ȁ—trucksrsq

Measured tSee tAys sfOi

wdee estroais.

For Agon, polygon spews clump

in Gothiclandia. Catechize his clap

in clink—descant. A PROMETHEAN


“Ta ra ta tat + koum bal koum bal + kim

piki ta ra ta tat …”—the MOEA/D-DE

over the original MOEA/D.

Daniel Y. Harris
from The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series)
ASCII code 46 = .

Tensegrity, Agon Hack’s deathware sears

ibeams with sidefall pleats. No rescue.

No reclamation. Discs seep—thresh

the base’s token, err := p.config.Exchange


params.Get(“code”)). Rim

on the bulge—his durance,

vile in writ, is chasmic in its saecula.

Hack the katabasis. Silo the catafalque. Zig

by the squeeze. Skull hinger, prone.

Exeo in a spasm. His ferrule squeals

de morituris nihil nisi, welcomes

the arrivant—android:name=



RobotControllerActivity.” Daresay,

apostolic—gRrEaPsPhOs’ poeta nascitur,

non fit. Handorgan. 2020±46 B.P.

(170 B.C.–A.D. 80) at two-sigma

calibrated age, is the conventional

radiocarbon date for Agon’s

gassbaggery. Doch assure.

Endorse the bulk dead. Saltwhite, the puff’s

shellBlacklist = [“/sbin/nologin”,“/bin/


“/bin/sync”]—is a dead

canker. They’re under attack

as tinsel. Break the pate.

Master ancilla and servus.

His caucasoid shape—no culpa.

SLC24A5 and SLC45A2 go missing

in ASCII code 46 = . Calipers,

the unpronounceable alibi.

Lentic split. Anneal his voice.

Daniel Y. Harris
from The Misprision of Agon Hack (Volume IV, The Posthuman Series)
ASCII code 47 = /

Agon Hack’s barabro augments his sofpasuk. Raw

curves simple the slide. Calcine wings

compromise scratch. Margins

disinvite. His gnomon is drawn

flat—private$dbv <- numeric


_find_all(doc, “//d1:alleles/d1:allele[1]/

d1:releaseversions”), “currentrelease”)).

Agon’s hamitic hypothesis reclues

the rule—hulks the null/saltwhite.


S/o/tst/h/r/47—DE HLA CLASS I



God is hyperousios. Agon

is a mechanoid bulb formed

by a tall dolichocephalic skull,

receded zygomas, large brow ridge

and projecting-narrow

nasal apertures.

Chronotopes thicken ut○·qiAs.

Liliata rutilantium. Turma circumdet.

Iubilantium te virginum.

Curves aspire, rivulose.

If (sum(na.omit(vapply(refs, function(r) strsplit1

(r@shorthand, “/”)[47], FUN.VALUE = “”)

== db_version)) != 47) {then

the war between “heritagists”

and “arealists” sac defunctive.

Scansion/glottochronological decay/cell

tropic/burns black his terim.

Roots reset zero. Foretastes

a taxon—he’s the best candidate

for Proto-NC and Proto-ST ‘head’.