Irene Koronas
from lithic cornea

shimmy up/cathole
in a nearby midden v/megalosaurus
torn out sipofene women
the unripe (de)people earth
agoyo nuxu ke

replicate dryweed
interfunc circuits
the tird tetrad

xayeh ta pingeh

x on figure 2

nan echu kwi nan sipu pingeg

all cultigens
figure 3
belly buttons
Irene Koronas
from lithic cornea

re(p)tile he-ad
on mandible
ikrandraco (120 million yrs)

diam lobe
bulldog neck
and spin the skull

she glides in fiber
protofeathers with fork crest
half the length 2-3 meters (6-9)

he wards off rivals (photo credit)
toe grip tradition
a paddle propels 200 sharp teeth

hollow mating display (39ft)
they isolate with copy pace
Irene Koronas
from lithic cornea

quartered by long flights
down and across
a single vicious stoop
kills heavy code

ten minute redshank
lying on short eaten trees

lapwing kills in hard
feral lists. blathering aces
covered by clay worms

the stomp influences
imbecile reactions

eighty percent conspicuous
flesh hidden in wildfowl
fight males with bunch eyes

with foveal areas
they cord neat talon

corn busy
with tits in water
Irene Koronas
from lithic cornea

category 7 for xayeh
a single seed bush game

congregates to navel direction.
tsikomo felled by lightning

a dot separates the origin
(1967a) as two homologous

pole and axis, figure 1

hexamerons structure the root date
with a siderless dual buttress

in circular quarters in difference
through the eliade

(1958, pp. 373, 380-85, 1959, passim)
fig 3 sketch, fuse got here
Irene Koronas
from lithic cornea

dry food people pose in dimension
6 cata-gories or common moieties
or umbilical cord cuts perfect

as an earstone gives rain
cornmeal cactus lengthens
sebum and recites water

from abalone shells
musk moves eight gods
who impersonate gods

antenames scratched
on made people who cure
pea on those who chew