Glenn Bach
from Atlas

are there fewer birds how

would we know)—every moment the brink

of radical transformation

but not for the reasons you expect

that mask: that veil by

Jim Crow a white mob

opposes the sale

is not every moment a transition?

Did the exodus finally


Glenn Bach
from Atlas

scraper: poplar: measuring

                 where no one would want

to live / plants described

stick pine / carry many people

how to bring to ground / pull

w/out attachment

everything possible in a day’s

dri l l s  caul kin g scr a p er

                 releasenature       trans for mations




          where the current is weakest)

Glenn Bach
from Atlas

watch with the greatest


     so that they

may gather seeds

to cycles of earth and sky

     these plants that follow fire

                                                            [emphasis added:

                                                            encroachment of coastal

                                                            sage scrub & perhaps

                                                            of chaparral

quantities of chia they were



                                                            for the food

                                                            she gave them

to the edges of these fields

     to languish

no physical remains

                                                            the tools ]

new conclusions about these

vessels or the excavation

of a cache

     this is an issue


to solve

     the currents of the world

we find ourselves

Glenn Bach
from Atlas

not in decades. Will we be left behind

deny the costs we are all, still, the data:

what is right in front of us the names

for these neighborhoods the landscape dissolving into

the light

only the mountains the sea and the land in between

smoke no longer the land in / to a state

of wonder

where will our Doggerland

swimming over the past: spoilheaps

if we forget the map

causative / if we created

a word this message has no content.