Mark Dow

The second the second
starts the first first
surfaces and separates.
It had been there
underneath and three
four and two and one.
First says listen
and has said it.
Second says same.
Four clears path,
three underlines
what second second
had implied behind
what first said
straight-out across
the floor three
opened trapdoor
all'd seen appear
at vanish-point
the first and
second had
intimated entering.
Into. In went
thought to find its
footing. Three reminds
four of the contours
acceptable knowledge
has drawn in the dirt,
re-draws them. There's
dirt in the air and water,
air in the water and dirt,
water in dirt and air. Un-
sure but agrees just as
second and under or o-
ver it first says what it
thought it heard it
say the first time.
Said it's not what
was going to be said,
but going where if
not to the saying of --
if there is an of.
At first it was low
enough it had to be
repeated more highly.
It needed to be able
to have been held,
an interruption, but
it stayed, sustained,
but not for long since
it never was, was it?
Was it what it wasn't?
It was. Wasn't it?
Thick edge
lengthens it, fourth
and third and first,
first, fourth, and third,
third, fourth, and first,
now first, now first,
now first and fourth,
third and fourth and
and two and three
and four, the three and
the first and now
the second one now
second, what's
said or resounded
in the, where the,
what the clearing
was. Let's talk
about the
clearing now,
the place the
rest of the places
passed through
on the way to
coming toward
and then into
: each :
: each :
the way a thing
does, the place
and thing-in-place
in place --
this takes place
once there's been
some realizing
each is more
than one one.
Outline shimmers
off outline
now it realigns --
that's the coming back
to or back into itself,
centered but
center delineated but
not filled not unfilled
but just not filled.
In some sense
it's possible to
in the outskirts
narrows ยท straight
down across it
saying it was saying
what it meant to say
had meant to say
once it knew to
say or be said
to first, the first
learned or listened to.

Two says first first
say third had said
before fourth said
what it would say.
Two circles three
suggesting where
four and, and one,
come toward one
another in sameness
of same channel and
meander, me and her,
one maybe more
under than another
but never which which
clear, all clear, never
which instead stays
separable from which.
Then under all the
four three two four,
one two three four,
floor, water on, walked
on it squared, squared-
off pasture field had
gone to where thought
had thought, while it
grazed, to build. It's
possible now to imagine
the clearing inside the
periphery because
what's forgotten but not
completely's that, cleared,
it went away for a while,
for four to three to two

Let's let time let us let it
fade now, let it fade
awareness, fade from
awareness, from, our
awareness, our awareness
of its having been where
it could be seen
and been in, be
been in. Given our
having been in it
there's no not knowing it.
Meanwhile talk about it.
Idealize the idea of it.
Desires project it
into s-is-for-surroundings
and take them in again again.
What form were they before
and which one do they take
now and
two and now
and says something in such
a way as to hide it and make
it impossible to ignore
it as it
comes apart
along where one had fit
as if they were all one,
all were one, one one,
one from next and does so
in direction of the grain.
Three was saying leave
the clearing we've cleared
but where, extant in the tangle,
attained but unattainable.

Four stays it to the ground.
One two repeat the doubled
sense of things one knows
one knows. And sometimes
others know one knows,
one knows others know
one knows because
they know one. Lonely
and afraid almost
all the time I'm, almost
all, all of the time, most
all the time of time. Then.
Then there was a pause.
Almost a pause; buh, puh.
Then they said the same thing.
Then they said the same thing.
Then they said the same thing.
Then they said the same thing.
Said the same same thing
on one in unison, just
almost exactly
the same one what
some same one someone
had seemingly -- and
maybe we'd heard it
already just now --
said almost exactly
the very same thing.

a sound outside
outside of one
there's a sound
continuation of it
Two and four
some sound
Three and one
somebody said
Four and three
And two and one
come back
to start
Left there here
in circles.
Concentric circles
on the surface surface
of what had once seemed
still. The plane of it extends
in the space the mind imagines
mind imagined itself
made of, inside
of rivulet of
meander of
intimate of
this just a feeling of --
4, 2, 3
1, 3, 4
just a small song of --
wanted to tell
you say something of --
the pause
the veer
the being formed to
and it shaped to be fit to --
someone said it
must have said it
nevertheless each says
wants to say or have it said
outside this --
how to --
There's a clearing, clearing of.
This is just the trying
to get into words some
semblance of what's
exterior of them, to them,
even if flickering
clearer than they
can so far have been
or be. Not quite
music but not not.
It's imagined. The where
of where it's imagined has
to be invented as well and
it is and is as real as.
There's no not-real.
Four three of --
One and two of --
Each each coincides there where,
is with but overlaid with,
or covered or protected by,
says say what it wants to say
or say needs to say
or just say has --
says what it has to say.
Already has.
One says
two three
four three
two one and
there was a sound just now
as if. As if someone said.
A sound. Someone said
something. Thought I thought
I heard someone say something.
But. But the second the first.
Thought I heard something but.
Heard something but it's quiet
out. Quiet out now and now
and one aloud. Not now.
Now it is. Now it's
quiet out now.