J. D. Nelson
certain latitudes may not appear
I could use that mirror to salt a head of lettuce
marbles are the suns of the minute to lose

to lose that feathered meat
to lose that brandished ankle

I was the rocking horse of the pony tree
I was a bright machine, clanking

I was that pristine rock
I was that prone prawn

I am the machine of the lake
I am the suffering sandwich

the iron fish is the key
the pillow earth of the miracle set

to learn of heaven too slowly
this is the shape of the garden
J. D. Nelson
the boat of the boar
I ate one half of the brain when I was the cube
the laser carp (your natural idea)

the penguin ape
that wig of the frog

that tired tree is the skull
to measure the saturn of the rose

when I am the tree
when I am the soda fork

the clone of the lonely clown
the heart of the natural order

the law of everything
the earth on stilts

the wisdom checkers
the art of the wrong rat
J. D. Nelson
madness max and the shaking book
the machine of the lake
the little letter is the bean of the base

I am the smaller planet
this is the safe, smart way to eat a news pizza

leading a whale to a pile of white socks
with chrome and lard we learn of the summer

in a hot air balloon there is a corner of cheese
the raspberry is the clone of the day

in the bright wandering hole of the garden
the monster rice talks with me

the sprite of the talking face
we need that leaf to know of the lawn
J. D. Nelson
the moss here is delightful
midas goes to the glow
the name of the sun and sun

at the conclusion of the laser
we are here in the toast

the globe of the camera loses a western heart
the news of what we need

the barnacle beak on the wall
we sanction the fjord

the shy pirate pack
this game of science could starve me

to renumber that starfall
I claim the heather of the marbled fox
J. D. Nelson
the middle marinara and the emblem of the egg
saturn’s philadelphia noun
the mirrored sun is the nine of hearts

the noun of my supervisor
to mark a metropolitan nail of the water

to be the noun of the daily bread
the record player face

the cooling noun of the angels
the gloom of the pirate tarp

the shrinking noun of the hologram
a wheel of the cooking chore

the noun of the clean, wandering house
that hum is alone in the tree

the noun of the sea is a shark
to plan a night of acorns

the noun is the shape of the layer
the sun of the morning ark

the wailing noun is the pumpkin of thought
time is the shimmering logo of the cough