Sheila E. Murphy
The Threat of Rain

What ultimately does the sunlight

Mean the same sunlight I stalked to quash

Ubiquitous Midwestern clouds that hovered

Near my head not soft voluptuous blankets

Of snow I am speaking of the darkness

Chiming autumn all the time

The threat of rain beside a feeble pinprick

Of light needing more of itself yesterday so what

Does near infinity of harsh hot sun

Bring to skin and the sad heart

Except perhaps the pretense anything

Can be forever as I believe your love given

Your track record of pure unrefracted


Sheila E. Murphy
That We May Someday Find the Courage

Ice rinks emanate sobriety in that caught way

Height hovers above the rest of us

While sheen reminds that horizontal motion

Bests the concept climbing as seditious thus

Demeaning of the whole of which we are a part

Invested in the grand totality replete with

System darkness that elaborates in peace

That we may someday find the courage

To bend down and honor gold that would transcend

The physical and indulge in genius grade humility

That walks the talk beyond incipient revelation

Sliding forward in chilled essence

About to be incessantly


Sheila E. Murphy

You have stowed away the mother drunk

You have told yourself that people love your child

Born with a brain that does not think

The genius love at the center of your life

Starts to lose each morsel of that shining mind

All this your fault for not loving enough

While shade trees remain generous

You seek to learn the wind

Detachment turns to science and to creed

And you have none of it

You reach you grasp you hold you keep

There’s nothing past the silence anymore

The three have gone or are soon leaving