Thomas Piekarski
Elastic Charms

Spastic schisms dappled in crimson dew,

Betty Grable grappling her alter ego.

Indigenous whispers transposed secretly,

Mae West undressed in the tapestry.

Continual explosions rupture frail egos,

the price to pay for failed sacrifices.

Torn by gaslighting are frightened mules,

and excuses for fallen gods proliferate.

Angels pirouette as dawn lights up skies,

beware of those hours creeping slowly.

Chicken Little performing his rain dance,

will soon appear at a theater near you.

Make hay before the ground cracks open,

should you be swallowed don’t wallow.

Our race against age was finally finished,

the equation working when reversed.

Violence brewed within vagrant psyches,

weather forecast coming a bit too late.

Animal instinct existing in every creature,

amazing all the keen universal insight.

Perfect in form fit and function is our sun,

if only more were appreciative of this.

A primal scream was let out at day’s end,

reverberating off massive skyscrapers.

With motion perpetual energy spread out,

water paving the corridor to evolution.

Premeditated death yields grudging regret,

Mediterranean cruise a quick antidote.

Into the universe float upon Bach’s notes,

come back and tip your hat to paradise.

Undue pressure builds up so boilers burst,

tragedy peering in the memory’s shade.

Radar sees a dangerous incoming armada,

and now go join the immense diaspora.

Artificial intelligence is out to snatch you,

then hide your identity in a thumb drive.

Patience overcomes mutinous destruction,

our Earth regenerating despite the odds.

Mary not contrary now that she’s wedded,

love magically erasing her past miscues.

Predatory elements kept to bare minimum,

everyone vaccinated against painful sin.

Those purple mountains sprouting spritely,

what’s seen also heard in a mind’s eye.