William Repass
Dirt Road
Used to be paved. Straight shot to the border outpost. Somewhere along the line, it cracked, rambling off through sage and creosote like some addled cow path, the cattle guards filled in with what ifs. No grader has been through since. The ruts gone feudal, the garbage bags abroad at dusk, peopled with tumble weeds and barbed wire. Winds drive them like mood swings back and forth en masse across earth truffled with dung. Here’s a can to kick down it. Used to hold worms. Userless, whimless, what’s it going for, now? The notion is a tractor! Out of gas and stuck in the ditch, a shallow grave.
William Repass
Jelly Fish
Undone or zipped by means of stealth, no moleste, the jelly presumes to know itself, to not bow down to mold, to spit in the face of its high chaparral compressor, but when is it itself? when I’m mine I aim to sully by means of sleep the Crayola scribble even as nylon seems to run awry, no doubt miscarried in this distance, in my sheik’s infancy I spewed a fan of agate clods, millions of culottes for sale, buy quick, by now it’s impolite to wave goodbye with bloodied silk, say how can you lie to yourself, how you can lie to me only when you lay there feeling sorry for the crack in my egg, the self a cheese we split between us drooped of rubble, stubble thoughts popping the lid of an upturned manner, please don’t be so negative to palliate the cushion, wannabe voodoo, percussion chauffer’s my doll through fiasco after fiasco but somehow every self issues cruel perfume.
William Repass
Eye Myth (Brakhage, 1967)

void plucked and ooze carves to mist but soup boils fore thought in reeds as sparks sneeze a blow to god head yoke and yolk bleeds in through wind eye as cross hatched will rolls into body of cast shade that cracks but a mantle flares through crust out into glooms of grot and cracked violets and blood socket boils into wing veins out stretched as city street uh pock uh lips of stain glass splinters melting a mordant deliquescence a compost of grass and ash and ghost lamps fading into afterimage as aftermath


hyoid replucked a bruised sleeve of gristle croup foils and coeur clot in bleeds as the lark breathes a blow of crud mead speech but spoken sheaves queue shin thigh past a hose batch mill that coils into godʼs clast shade and black but dismantled prayer flues rust out and spumes of rot to a hackneyed violin and mood lock and moil into spring reigns foot mensch as city bleats but as shocks blister brain stacked glistering with pelf and discord and in flagrante delicto riposte this rash of post camps phasing into faster wreckage and faster cash
William Repass
Composition Concrete (Davis, 1957)
s h e l l a c h e e l s w / t u r n
e d u p t o e s g o g l o w i n g
t h a n k s y o u w a l k a w a l k
i n g b a s s l a s h d o e s n o
t e q u a l b u r s t u m b r e l
l a h o o k c r o s s 5 t h a v e
& l o o k a r o u n d t h e c o r
n e r o ’ n e w s p r i n t f r o
m f l a t f u l l a s o i l w i
p e d b l u e j e a n s & g u t
t e r r a g s t u g b o a t t h a
t w a y n o a d o l l a r b i l l
b o a r d : l u n c h f i s h & c
h i p c o l a $ 5 p i d g e o n r
i n g f l a p l i p s r u n g e
c l i p s e e l l i p s i s e l l
i p s e s b o o k f i s h a h o
o k w o r m b u t n o t h a n k s
l i b e r o t é ( g a s ) s i c k
l e ( r e ) g r a y c u r s i g n
a t u r e / a b u m s e a l a n t
William Repass
Ghost Ranch
Place I call Um
Not mind myself

Another angle snaps
Obtuse realty schematic

Sting starts to swell
Growing magic cities

Pierce-proof schmaltz slick
Redrock clouds downshift

What if we could print new oil
Played to slurp through tuba

Rustic cubist pots and cushions
Giant slug strips plantation nude

Carnival herbivore
Wage hours extract mind

Daydream production in recline
Recliner encircled vomitoria

Vaudevillian toothache
Stabs again

Outlaw Xerox reality
Abstraction in law

Pseudobeef economy
Osteoporosis trombone

Curds and 3D
Copies of curds

Oil expressed from layered
Subject matter amassed

In the sudden death
In the military parade

Classics of technical writing
Siphon the Mesozoic

Myself isn’t memories compounding
Profuse obscene curlicues

Sprout from my big toe
Greased with subject matter

Residue for the fingerprint
Analyzer functionary