Philip Kobylarz

Discovered there is no fidelity, among men & women & animals of this being. Merely a dream

of the rood or serpent

feathers. What was promised falls into a velvet sack of this, that; kept in a garment of its

respective drawer. What dogs

learn by sniffing. Paper crumbles, water backwards flows, buzzards roost in what's left behind,

old shoes.

Philip Kobylarz
seeds of anise

Sunday's parks are peopled. Tuesday there's a line at the post office, a Q. Traffic pools

at lights. Off and on,

gulls land ashore. Licorice never goes bad, except uneaten. Doll with a broken back rests

with its eyes closed.

The cemetery is walled because they don't need to see the picture show. Burning leaves,

burning, Draw-

bridge in relief. Air gets to leave the house when windows are finally broken.