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Kathryn T.S. Bass



"For me, poetry is a spiritual endeavor. This does not mean poetry is serious, dour, or aloof. It means that poetry connects the I with the other and with the world. The poetry I love inhabits the mouth and the ear, raises the hair on the back of the neck, elicits a profound 'Yes' of recognition."


Verbs like leave

Never turn green. Never
fall. Think me

A fountain fills
and bedrooms spread their sheets.
An extra hour
expands ahead, unbreathable.

So many things

Some understand these secrets;
with age,
they don't travel.

To arrive
we must forget infinitives.





Kathryn T. S. Bass holds a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Denver, where she worked on the editorial staff of The Denver Quarterly and taught college-level creative writing workshops. A recipient of a 2002 Colorado Council on the Arts Fellowship in poetry, Kathryn works as a freelance copywriter, a teacher with the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and a visiting poet to K-12 schools in the Denver Metro area. Kathryn's publication credits include The Amherst Review, The Formalist, The Pedestal Magazine, The Prose Poem, Quarter After Eight, and Red River Review.



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