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Keith Baughman



"The poems are nothing more than a quick and aesthetic shorthand of a specific moment in a particular state of mind. They simply record the focal point of the imagination at the time of writing in the guise of Pound's prompts onward. Somehow, the poems get started, and, without too much interference from me, they are finished. It's not exactly like rolling a handful of dice."


A Sense of Rhythms


the peony from the point of view of the ant in the colony of ants

the dream of the peony circulating in the colony of ants

a system that is not a system, function outside of the function

April into June on a cascade of continuous rain

the scalloped face of the peony head is swollen on its thin stalk

the rain blackens the ants that this year are jet black

the dream of the ants must also be deeper and more lush

each ant beckoned and seduced by the heavy drooping peony.





Addition Subtraction

in and around the mind shadows gather as if
the enemy was light the shadows dance

not in a circle as you might expect but in flocks
so that wherever the mind looks darkness flutters

opaque wings so that gradually as you might hope
the mind finds comfort in its dusky shutters finds

the myopia of self more expansive than the promised
landscapes of the brain it is rooted to the mathematics

of the relationship is incomprehensible that mind
is a ratio of brain as shadow is a correlation of light

and something else




Other Scales

there is always  the  suspicion  that  we
don't  ever  fully  reveal ourselves there
is  always  the  question  of   what   we
reveal   to    ourselves   and   there  are
mirrors   sometimes   all    around   like
moonlight  cutting into a dark wood the
questions  remain  incorrigible  callused
as answers often lose importance allure






Keith Baughman currently has work featured at Generator 12. He can be reached at



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