// Julie Choffel



New Objectivism


A woman is padding a woman is not padding. As if fictions were other people's parties and females further others a woman is starry far away pretending. Make believe the answer to astrology is predilection for fantasy; whisper when you find ferns like you mean it. Scrawl out any lingering questions such that their letters are made of older questions upon magnification. It is quickly comfortable. The pet is in its bed sleeping in its appearance which is that of a tired fetchingness which is to say that if we don't throw it some content soon we'll be eaten.








More and Less


Not or. Granted the fishbowl is not limitless and smaller creatures make fewer choices humoring the other side of the line of work. People arrive with jobs to do or without them heartbroken are felt by others as a falling anvil in the corner of the eye. Peripheral dreaming makes for a swollen day a sore appetite like you don't know what else to do besides betterment or whatever. The creation act is an option. In the act of planning in the laying out of plans the coffee breaks. The tongue goes limp as a tired ghost in the face of skyscrapers chaining and only gets up to sing to the glass where inside's another one practicing backwards.





Notes: These two poems were written as part of a loose series that I think of as the “Day Ladies” poems, written with some desire to restore my sense of, not so much story, but storiedness, a sense of so many backstories existing before the poems. I was thinking about various shifting takes and representations of women, and of the feminine as “other” in flux, which ranged tangentially into a broader idea of otherness, such as those who work and/or play; those who believe in an outside truth and/or in making it up; those who have and/or are had. I wanted to create a consensus of many answers occurring at once, within any culture of one person. Which person is, of course, different from every other while responding to a similar massive of others, such that one's content is also one's context: time of day, state of mind, stimuli, language at hand.



Julie Choffel
is completing her MFA in poetry at Umass-Amherst. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Indiana Review, Many Mountains Moving, Four Corners, and POOL: A Journal of Poetry.

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