// Bruce Covey





  1. Swirl around yr drink w/ an ever decreasing radius
  2. Match Pokey and Gumby in stride by stride contests
  3. Travel along the fissures in a cracked ice cube
  4. Let yrself be labeled in capital letters by moon phases
  5. Convince yr food that it’s lacking Vitamin B
  6. Let the weather wet you then dry you, fly against you
  7. Predict only the things that will never happen
  8. Find yrself needing something, then offer to withdraw
  9. Polish your shoes then sand them down to nothing
  10. Tell the telemarketer that you’ll call her back tomorrow
  11. Remember the guns around every corner pointed at you
  12. Ask for her number and see if she will marry
  13. Drive all night looking in office buildings to find her
  14. A dozen women in two rows talking on telephones
  15. Out of earshot whispering industry specific secrets
  16. Introduce yrself to the first one who smiles








Reveal 5-8


Reveal 5: Days

Sunday: Bad news for clock watchers; school bans all skirts
Monday: This interview was created via a series of postcards
Tuesday: Keep telling yourself: Above all, it’s a phone
Wednesday: The Michelin man from hell , a priest of yeast, the goddess in an apron
Thursday: When tickets officially go on sale, the early-bird special will expire
Friday: We'll be working hard to resolve the issue in time for next week's email
Saturday: Share your thoughts with others; adjust to user behavior

Reveal 6: Fates & Furies

Clotho: Spinning wheel covers; check out different colors
Lachesis: The village rat home
Atropos: For migrant news as it happens
Alecto: To slot a green modeling van seems odd
Megaera: Frame break out: There are 73 more days
Tisiphone: Cite, rate, or print

Reveal 7: Colors

Black: Marjorie Stewart Joiner patented the permanent wave machine
White: Treasury Secretary John Snow discussed the economy
Red: Partner solutions: deploy the applications you already use
Yellow: Decide how much to pay; send a free postcard
Blue: Official bubblin’ ring tone hot property in Italy
Orange: 2 for 1 cinema tickets for orange customers every Wednesday
Green: Seeing its products graded red prompted them to do the right thing
Purple: I’m at a loss. What do other people think?
Pink: The achievement of establishing individuality is extraordinary
Brown: Voters sharply divided over proposed Narragansett Indian casino
Grey: How much does it cost? And how can I give something back?

Reveal 8: Playing Cards

Ace: Tao overview; zen overview; commercial support
2: Some crude humor, a brief substance reference
3: A four-day adrenaline-pumping party
4: That nice waiter is playing tricks to get you to fork
5: You may see a warning dialog box
6: Whether you’re traveling for work or fun
7: Keep your favorites; take advantage
8: Featuring all new music from and inspired
9: 80 second challenge: Which wine with pizza?
10: People with limited capacity will be encouraged
Jack: To find out more about responsible consumption
Queen: Click on through for all the news and gossip
King: Materials may not be reproduced
Heart: Soon your curiosity may lead to respect
Diamond: Already own a card?
Spade: We’ve been increasingly unreachable
Club: Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark




Notes: I created the various parts of “Reveal” using the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature of google.com. A search on each line’s keyword revealed a website, and I used different methodologies for each poem to select the corresponding “found text.” For “Reveal 5: Days,” I tried to incorporate as many references as possible to the topic of time. For “Reveal 6: Fates & Furies,” I simply tried to avoid sentences that contained direct references to the mythological characters. “Reveal 7: Colors” is concerned with economy and decision-making, and “Reveal 8: Playing Cards” established its theme as I wrote it.



Bruce Covey
is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at Emory University and author of three collections of poetry The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires, Ten Pins, Ten Frames, and the forthcoming Glass Is Really a Liquid all from Front Room Publishers. His work also appears or is forthcoming in 26, Jacket, Explosive Magazine, Shampoo, MiPo, Pool, can we have our ball back, puppyflowers, CrossConnect, Big Bridge, Aught, La Petite Zine, GutCult, and other journals.

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