// John Crouse and Jim Leftwich







young manhood provolone: “unless goal muted.”

adjacency galling ptomaine: “enjoy pointy pontiff.”

psychosis overnice pique: “humming violent prunes.”

prurient jackrabbit iterative: “inchoate jackals tongue.”

violinist in italics: “asking timeless campers.”

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poncho sponglike polecat: “caveat spin rabid.”

pointlessly unalloyed spurs: “overtly fallen manholes.”

envoy apostles ephemerality: “because the wicked”

mutterer damping requisite: “carried us away”

shoal stimulator gestation: “captivity, required from”

useless as trillions: “us a song”




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connective sadness cardiac: “whiplash downtrodden pusillanimity.”

fair hair blinker: “immunodeficiency blunderbuss tabulation.”

bloc be flower: “lawyering cartilaginous ferromagnetism.”

feral small bubble: “blockbuster fairway conjoiner.”

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scalawag relish intrinsically: “afferent driveshaft sweatshop.”

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wilderness fingerprint haberdasher: “smallmouth retroviral racehorse.”

interdisciplinary gutless embroil: “ducktape spraypainter cutlass.”




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motions do mortgagor: “soup moth lack.”

moratorium with hyphen: “pith curse foam.”

gesture directing morrow: “snub hat joint.”

moron of worship: “thin dot tithe.”

that faded ottawa: “dire golf fad.”




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knot god nine: “read rime dozen.”

sage shift druggie: “remap rip daze.”

weenie blast train: “roam rib dot.”

tag bored big: “reap rim doze.”

flies tramp mist: “regale ramp dowse.”

keg face crane: “ream rig dote.”

whence of cramp: “rearm rue drove.”

mane snout nut: “regnal rags dime.”

cyclops while free: “regal ram dose.”

trunk why shit: “realm rug dove.”

right jean hide: “renal raga deme.”




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spear deal wail: “tablet tale tabla.”

cold flop cherry: “dash disc disk.”

hail mar meade: “chipped clapped clopped.”

riser butt slime: “charm chase char.”

clip wrist double: “hoe how hot.”

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chasm rolled merge: “rider riper river.”

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dish craw ripped: “code clod cord.”

table rune roll: “speak shear spar.”

till spurge hairy: “glom glob glop.”




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host stoop dolt: “hose stop dot.”

breast laugh cone: “beasts cough code.”

alleviate pear save: “levitate peer shave.”

fence dour wire: “hence door wise.”

crying ferry home: “crime furry hope.”

girdle tusk whisk: “griddle tuck whisky.”

street weed friar: “streak wend frier.”

dome swarm packet: “doe sward picket.”

roil tip steed: “rail tap steep.”




recess graphed sender: “of the arrest.”

best leathery fender: “for one demure.”

locals snub hexed: “to the dread.”

what fail grape: “as if whalers.”

lest undo world: “such a tarry.”

bout hectored toad: “on the grossed.”

grossed phrasal clout: “in a bout.”

tarry boo grapple: “with the lest.”

whalers tan weft: “for our what.”

dread tease tempura: “by the locals.”

demure intense wavering: “if a best.”

arrest toast pure: “of the recess.”




comedy ministry onion: “days of war.”

hilarious slayer cares: “how individual rather.”

smacked biding lox: “this the being.”

sphnix triangular doll: “fighting responsibility, concepts.”

hesitant spice lattitude: “order your external.”

chomsky glasnost crapper: “or boxes human.”

enough crew pox: “depths happiness employ.”

barrel aloof bow: “and shoulders something.”

torch pomposity costly: “could the move.”

nice page nestle: “itself of old.”

ecosphere gulag lynx: “character of edges.”

gruff goulash sinister: “nights of love.”





Notes: [from an email exchange between John Crouse and Jim Leftwich : July 2004]

Leftwich : i've been thinking of the colon as a very slim gulf, a near-nexus, where the two sets of words conjoin, collide and/or conflict. rarely do i write 3 words as commentary on the 3 other words in the same line. very rarely. sometimes I make lists of words, in groups of threes, while i'm at work. then i bring the lists home and attach them to whatever i have from you. i try to make them fit. sometimes that means making them fit in the text field i have set in my "acts" template. if i have 3 polysyllabic words in a set i will look for one of your lines which is composed of shorter words. meanings percolate from the turbulence of these appositions.

Crouse : the way you echo twisting from the bottom up frequently helixes the act, more turbulence. thinking in terms of appositions, that is, thinking of making them happen, & thinking while they happen, fits & unfits, is thrilling, endless, spinning helix. i think as people take to the meanings made (& unmade) per collations, they for the instant the synapse sizzles, at least, embody, the words, effectively acting them out, in thought, perhaps in deeds. the sparking got to inform future data collations, hadn't it? maybe im conceited to think so. wing & a prayer, thankdog its out of my hands, happens anyway, neurons & electricty, higher powers. lipping prayers. reading as saying, sparking as doing. is whats saying whats said whats  what whats said is saying?  alot, all, of these acts, if spoken, are even then a shorthand, thinking out loud longhands, molecular structure of the sizzles particulars, time & place considerations, meaning-making, holes to fill, cramming head for fittest shape, full, spilling out mouths. speaking in tongues.



Jim Leftwich co-edits xtant , and is the author of Doubt (Potes & Poets), Dirt (Luna Bisonte), Virgule (Lingua Blanca) and Staceal 1 (Avantacular). From 1994 to 2000 he published the early mail-art zine Juxta and co-edited and Juxta Electronic.

John Crouse's books Headlines and Lapses are available online at OBooks.com.

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