John Mercuri Dooley




architecture (last) supper metric genome (excuse for) Christ             beard of
long string frothy Hebrides

disappearing/in unform tale of a snot

topographical erection withering probably mountain dress of           a
gangling eyes darning





initial masterpiece feral later addition at least too original       empty dove

whore escaping from a sketch (of) prepatory seagod wind   execute
erection unfinish diligence

absolutely sheet executed turbulent sea hair reposed            preparedness
cartoon civiced allusion vigilance       Hercules





recumbent the corpse abrupt eggplant lower sword of chalk

ugly/tiny acorn penis apparent inks muscle scientific (lower)           male
three masturbate exploration

comparative surface catchy musculature date(d) pronounce Herculean


Note: Twenty-three LDV poems were written using a number of systematic procedures. The words were taken from curatorial notes, my own thoughts, or words overheard at an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci sketches at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, on March 8, 2003.