Estela Eaton




I. Room

inertia, failure, shock, disease

private if public: eyes pulled back knotting up secrets:

muted feet, down breath, exile, disease

II. Purgatory

The indent begins a certain distance from its birthplace
        yes! swimming out with propeller toes

The indent begins years from its release
        wine and wine colors come together

The indent exceeds all philosophy and pleasure
        watch how it glides above the grave

III. Rapture

        it is here that you finally come apart--you, the sum
of the world both single and dual. here water breathes
in no one, not even itself. death is an also--short,
fragrant, blocked, battered, bandaged, benign,
buoyant, born, apart.
hovering wet, you are.
        oceans rise,
you are weeping