David Laskowski


Let It Work


not this but a fragrant sea: an ella’s moist
& palsied hands: or its waxy keys: an adder
or fang & an ivory tusk & not for comfort:
but for the wicked & a worthy bruise: & not
an asphyxiate knot which tightens a knot:
but for a sow: a pink & rapturous lion: a mane
& its gilded razor: & as a hive & groundlings
a sallow: or as ripe with a conscience: a purple
melodeon plays in blue & if for its basket creep:
a fair a sober & a wiser queen that from a paddock
will rule: as if sellf-assured: the words be made
from breath: an A (breathlessly) or B & its
(irritant) bobble: & as for the bulk of the work
that’s done: a colorless logic remains & not
& in no way will we ever admit to having been
so wrong: being right or being left: or being
a nasty piper who has led the children away:



Follows Her Close


slowly at first: but only so poisonous: this grief
of his s’s essitent shhhh: & sweet: the grrr of its
gargantuan pear: O ophelia: O ophelia’s copper
& linnets: behold: polaroids of various flowers:
i.e. calchantite & istis: calgons: damsonite plums
& the i.’s platopanous roots: they gather a hotspur’s
in her fairest complexion: as of course: divided
both from herself & her judgment: loathsome rascal
in her feverish rye: where: I hear: (there are noises
within): the bare locusts who devour her pubes:
& will admit to smiling from ear to ear: beggared
to a murdering piece: she huggers her mugger:
a briar tattersalls of shoots: & then: she’ll die:
licking her balls in a blue & queasient pool: