Jon Leon


from Diphasic Rumors



5.1 am a man like other men. Find
that Death rattles its boxes. Finding out
the sea is no place for... The battles 5.6 witness.
The hex below 5.8 drawers. Be brief. A staunch
supporter of antithetical propositions. 4.7
wanted to shoot 5.3 in the leg for being such a nonentity
but 4.7 didn't have a gun, only a flare. 5.1
has become the Wall. The New City, marginalia,
prefabricated environments. 5.6 put 5.3 & 5.2
recontextualized solar red hats. Head in palms - dimes.




5.1 did this watching the Niagara waters &
listening choir. Noise too. The percussive nuances
in the stream-line horns of raffle breasts. One
finger to the breeze. 5.6 is thinking of docking.
5.9 histories measured out in latex pajamas and
skiing suits. This moment a vehicle for leisure.
Was cutting 5.9 time in two. 6.2 fantasy whales
climbing the ducts in style. Ferocious teeth at 4.6 back.
Spines' definition in sweat trunks. Soon or now
5.6 will heckle them.




Is seduction. Silently & variously. 5.1 have never
been to Maine. Am coming up gallantly on some
navy-blue mindstate. Are green hills of the
shore, are cliffs overlooking 5.9 quickening decline.
4.7 is the kind who would beat up the tenants,
call the labor meeting invalid , and belittle
5.9 productivity. 5.6 & 5.1 were replacing
the hull. This ship is surely S U N K. No more
dives, no more grants. No granting permission
to do the things 5.6 would keep to 5.3 self.




"Spilt not in vain" but for "the good of the cause."
Another something to deny. "I couldn't help it.
The movies were important. So I moved the 12inch
screen into the front room." The white lamps.
Currents. My tongue in ___ side. The castles
of the East. Eastway. The World was there.
We lined our backs with ammo. 5.2 cantina was open.
The words for slippery words. Were no longer
integrated mercenaries but lifeless scammers searching.
"The cinema is the most important of all arts." (Lenin)




We the vanguard rebuilt Valhalla for ourselves.
Our incendiary valves (a device for controlling)
springing loose we escaped having the form or
function. Excavated a new kind of wonderment.
(x) (again) found an appraiser sympathizing with
the types of rays we were after. The types of rays
we were after: customary, -ilistic, reformed, first,
happening, genius. During the period of malcontent
(which the archive states in its many manuscripts
as being habitual unreason, vials escaping rogue vectors)




5.6 found labels for everything which later
became prime estate for dwarfing 5.9 successors.
Not as dehumanizing as the commute (x) found
absorption in Today. (y) led us down the banks
of the coast. Found boxes upon boxes of pictures
from that time (only just weeks ago). Together
we burned the contents and threw the ashes
over the bluff. Blountly stated we had taken
nothing from the contemporary world save self-
absorption and pity. Algebraic in our disguises.




I guess in a way that was what it was like
in ------------ which was a film he acted in
with his friend ------------ and was not made by him
but by a woman named ------------ I thought he was
a scoundrel in that movie and according to some
stories probably that way for real but I don't side
with him as a connoisseur or even as a man or a human
but as something American not unlike apathy back
stabbing mercenary war paraphernalia and domestic
exhibits of foreign artworks so we are so into it eh




5.6 question how to bust open the hatch break
box frequent complexion suggest strides retreat
and counter engineer space able anatomy resist
emulsion without continued exudation naturally
instruments impose complete tactics considering
opposition colonel attract current from transistor
inside built of organization a board for the conduits
dispose of are where the box is is in disinterested
space digging proto-tunnels from which new bands
will be drawn disseminated over and over ever and anon