Mark Stricker




If so the only moment to speak will vanish.

Happening at time will trace back event to building of structure.

Multiply the commonplace divided by homonymy. Travel is post-lyric.

Why have we paths… partitions… if not for substitution? Why have we

come here gathered to be guided if not having lost or arranged for displacement?

Unraveled: avoidance of views: a body positioned in front of a grid: face seen despite:

window slat, lamppost, tree branch: despite. Window of: public face: perch gaze: stare.

Window of: unknowing, or if making. I saw: your replacement, walking around the city.

She is another of you, her thoughts are of your mouth. Sight of breath, avowal: site.

// emerged from doorway // clattering // deflecting //

a forwarding of…. we grow farther, covered over with our walking,

our paths making inter – integrations. Interred, disabling.

(People are covering.) (People put up their faces.) “People are trouble.”

Calling to reference. Referencing. Something detailed. Rehearsal

for façade-crack, crackle of: constant buzz or collapse of… If you can come, please come.