This issue of Word For/Word was originally designed using Adobe Flash, which is no longer supported. The contents of the issue have been archived below.

Word For/Word Issue 5, 2004

William Allegrezza
Kathryn T.S. Bass
Keith Baughman
John M. Bennett and Gyorgy Kostritskii
Mike Chasar
Chad Chmielowicz
Clayton A. Couch
Mark DuCharme
Cathy Eisenhower
Raymond Farr
Michael Farrell
Thomas Fink
Noah Eli Gordon
W.B. Keckler
Amy King
Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Jim Leftwich and John M. Bennett
Anita Naegeli
Daniel Nester
Stephen Oliver
Michael Peters
Tom Hibbard: Reivew of How2 and Jacket
Marc Snyder (the original artwork was designed using Adobe Flash)
Steven J. Stewart
Nico Vassilakis
James Wagner
Derek White